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We believe cities should be designed around happiness, not technology or efficiency. We believe in co-creation of fun, engaging and happy citizen spaces, one project at a time, one neighborhood at a time to make the world a happy place again.


We apply design thinking to help make cities happier. We merged the qualities of UrbanInnova with Six Fingers, in order to have a world class framework to change the tech focus of cities to a happy state. In order to safeguard a sustainable and happy future, driven by human centered innovations, the focus should not be on continuous execution but rather on a continuous search. This is a major difference. The focus on execution of what is already there versus the search for what the future holds. We embrace the future.

Happy Cities Hexagon

Design Thinking for Cities

Our research based human centered hexagon is our framework to change the course from city planning to happy citizen design.

" Smart Cities, and the Smart Cities Wheel developed by Boyd Cohen in 2012 looked at how technology and innovation can help cities get smarter. But it was all about the city viewed from the top down. Now, in 2017, it is time to rethink what we measure and do to make cities better. We believe that happiness is the ultimate goal for cities, from the citizen up. Leveraging insights gleaned from dozens of interviews of smart cities experts, plus measurement systems such as the Gross National Happiness (GNH) Index from Bhutan, we have elaborated the Happy Cities Hexagon. "

Manifesto meetup

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At the world class Dutch Design Week, we showcased our mission with the help of representatives from six example cities, Aarhus, Barcelona, Bristol, Braganca, Paris, and Eindhoven.

Boyd Cohen and Rob Adams are on a mission. Enough of all this tech-driven smart city talk, they say, we have to follow another road. Smart cities are still okay, but what the world really needs is a focus on happy cities. “Even when we ask the visitors of the annual smart city congress in Barcelona – and that’s what we did – the picture is more than clear”, Cohen says. “Every city council speaks of smartness. What they mean: tech, data collection, IoT, sensors, those kinds of things. But what people really want is things like nature, clean air, and social connections. Nobody is longing for a just a tech city.”


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